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Crane Enterprises offers a plethora of special services to enhance the overall quality, growth, and production of various communities and corporations while being sensitive to multicultural populations and socio-economic values.

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We are a mobile financial services company that will come to you to fulfill your financial needs. Our representatives will prepare your Income Taxes, Life/Health Insurance quotes, fulfill Real Estate needs, and Notarize your signatures in the comfort of your own home!

We transcend the old-fashioned customer service philosophy by offering a person-centered approach for each customer. We will build strong business relationships with you as we show you how to finance your freedom!

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Commit 2 Action is a subsidiary of Crane Enterprises. We are a professional counseling and inspirational seminar service that promotes Diversity Education and Higher Education Guidance Counseling, with an intercultural perspective and spiritual foundation

International diversity education program

Enhance your ability to appreciate differences among various people that you come into contact with on a daily basis. We can create a customized diversity educational/training program for your place of business, and/or community organization. We specialize with conducting diversity audits to gage the sensitivity and appreciation your establishment has for diversity. Our diversity counselors can serve as conference/keynote speaker(s), skilled workshop presenters, or as breakout session facilitators.

Educational Counseling Service

As an educational counseling service, we provide focused programs for high school students and families to learn and become comfortable about the college search process. We offer independent guidance counseling for high school students which may include a customized college search plan to guide you through the post secondary search process. Commit 2 Action publishes a comprehensive Post-Secondary Preparation Guide that will give families a step by step tool to use as they navigate through the college/university process from the initial search to matriculation.