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Videos & Publications

Suggested Audience:
G = Grammar School Students
HS = High School Students
C = College Students
A = Adults

"God Wants A Man" (45 minutes)

This motivational and spiritual speech was filmed in 1998 during the Mount Calvary Baptist Church Annual Men?s Day Program in Owensboro Kentucky. J. C. discusses how the lack of spiritual education within the male population has caused a deficiency in male leaders, strained relationships with women and children, and confusion about the definition of manhood. The real strength of this speech is the introduction of the popular ABC?s of God?s Men.
Audience G, HS, C, A
Price $15.00


"Peaceful Violence" (75 minutes)

The first of two workshop programs that were filmed during the Valparaiso University Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Program in 2001. This was filmed on the campus of Valparaiso University in Valparaiso Indiana. J. C. discusses how people who are unwilling to leave their comfort zones, form communities with limited multicultural experiences. As these communities face diverse situations they habitually defend their comfort zones which causes frustration that can result in violence. There are two written exercises called Fictional Helplessness and Identity Switch that are part of this workshop, and are sold separately.
Audience HS, C, A
Price $15.00.
Fictional Helplessness $2.50.
Identity Switch $2.50.


"King 2001; Same Dream Different Era" (60 minutes)

This workshop program was filmed during the Valparaiso University Martin Luther King Program Jr. Celebration Program in 2001. This video characterizes the battles of the Civil Rights Movement during the 60?s versus Civil Rights in the 21st Century. J. C. presents a comparison contrast view between the physical pain of the 60?s and the emotional pain of the 21st. Century. A written exercise called a Racial I. Q. Test is part of the workshop and is sold separately.

Audience HS, C, A
Price $15.00.
Racial I. Q. Test $2.50


"Post Secondary Preparation Guide"

This is a detailed guide for families of high school students who are considering a college education. This publication highlights specific activities and suggestions for high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Various strategies for choosing the right college, and tips about financial aid/scholarships are also included.
Price $10.00