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Commit 2 Action is proud to acknowledge partnerships with the following organizations. Together, we have helped many families achieve goals, and live their dreams.


Commit 2 Action presents a seminar titled, " Parenting College Success," during the Annual Team Challenge Family Football and Cheerleading Clinic in Country Club Hills, IL. This seminar is for all camp participants and parents. It stresses the importance of involving young students in constructive athletic/non athletic activities within the church, community, and/or school. We discuss how the involvement in such activities can assist students with developing important skills for post-secondary education. The development of positive self esteem and the stimulation of mental growth are explained in relation to college and career potential. We also highlight how the above activities can assist students with scholarships/financial aid opportunities.


Commit 2 Action in conjunction with other community professionals form a panel discussion titled, "Family Relationship Building." This session is presented during the Expo for Today's Youth, and it is held annually in Chicago, Illinois. We discuss strategies and share ideas that will assist families with establishing and maintaining a nurturing and supportive home environment. We share spiritual and educational examples with children and parents regarding their role as part of a positive family nucleus.


We have presented a session titled, "How To Be Successful in College," during the church's Annual F.U.T.U.R.E. (Factions United To Unveil Resources through Education) College/Career Fair in Harvey IL. We assist families with establishing a post-secondary plan to assist with selecting the right college for their student. We explore various options with applying and matriculating to the college of your choice. Families can obtain a step by step outline to guide them through the college search process.