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Occasionally, we submit responses based on factual analysis to various media outlets concerning controversial articles, stories etc. These controversial subjects pertain to specific matters in which we have some experience.

The following newspaper article appeared in the Detroit News' Commentary Section on Sunday April 18, 2004. It is followed by J. C. Crane's response that was submitted to the Detroit News as a letter to the editor.

Click Here to Read Detroit News Article

Click Here to Read J.C. Crane's Response

The following memo contained was mailed to various citizens by the NAACP. The memo contained a 2004 National Survey on Race, Gender, and Equality in America. The memo is followed by J. C's response that was submitted as a letter to Mr. Julian Bond, Chairman of the NAACP

Click Here to Read the NAACP Memo

Click Here to Read J.C. Crane's Response