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Higher Education Financial Planning


There are three areas where students can gain financial assistance to afford a college undergraduate bachelors degree. These areas are institutional aid/scholarships, government financial aid, and private scholarships. Institutional Aid/Scholarships are funds that a particular college/university will give a student to attend that specific college. These awards are usually given to students who are high academic achievers, athletes, and/or students who are participatory in student organizations/activities. In addition, students who have shown some volunteer experience and/or community service participation may also receive institutional aid/scholarships. College/University personnel use the admission application as the primary tool to evaluate students for these funds. However, some higher education institutions require students to complete a separate scholarship application. In addition, some colleges/universities host scholarship competitions for students to compete for higher level awards. Students may receive their institutional aid/scholarship award at the same time that they receive their acceptance letter to the college/university. Later, if the student applies for government financial assistance, they will receive an award letter that will show the institutional aid/scholarships, and it will contain their government financial aid awards. In short, this award letter will show the total financial assistance a student has to attend an institution of higher learning.

Government financial aid consists of funds that are awarded to students based on the family's financial income. High school seniors should visit www.pin.ed.gov. to obtain their PIN (Personal Identification Number) prior to completing the financial aid form. It is imperative that the family complete their income taxes as soon as possible after January 1, of the student's senior year of high school. High school seniors will need this information to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form can be found at www.fafsa.ed.gov. This form should also be completed as soon as possible after January 1, of the student's senior year. Although the published deadline to complete this form is May 1, this is NOT the deadline a family should use. You are competing against every senior in the country who is seeking financial aid. Therefore, students will need to apply EARLY because once the money has been depleted...that's it!. The longer you procrastinate as time nears the May 1 deadline, the less money you will receive. I strongly suggest that the parents file their taxes, and the student complete the FAFSA by February 14 (Valentine's Day) of the student's senior year. If you complete these tasks by February 14, you should receive an award letter that will contain the total amount of your government financial aid, and any institutional aid/scholarships from each school you list by March 17 (St. Patrick's Day). (The maximum amount of schools you can list on the FAFSA is 8.)

Private Scholarships are often unknown to parents/students, overlooked, and/or not taken seriously. You can receive these funds for community service, involvement in faith based institutions, parent's employers, etc. In short, private scholarships consist of any funds awarded to a student by an outside agency. These outside agencies are usually not affiliated with a particular college/university, state government department, and/or federal government agency. However, it is expected that these funds are to be used to pay for college/university expenses. Each private scholarship has its' own criteria, and deadlines. If you are awarded one of these scholarships you receive a two-party check made out to you and the particular college/university that you wish to attend. The student signs the check and gives it to their financial aid officer who applies it to the students total cost to attend the institution. IF THE AMOUNT OF THE PRIVATE SCHOLARSHIPS IN COMBINATION WITH THE INSTITUTIONAL AID AND GOVERNMENT FINANCIAL AID EXCEED THE TOTAL COST TO ATTEND A COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY. THE INSTITUTION WILL DEDUCT THE LATTER TO EQUAL THE TOTAL COST OF THE COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY.
You will be surprised as to the types of scholarships you can obtain to attend a college/university. As a matter of fact, it might be a good idea to practice your duck calling. It could help you land a college scholarship. Perhaps you should buy an Arabian horse, get a ham radio, become a vegetarian, study the Klingon language, work on your knitting skills and/or research the family tree.There are college/university scholarship opportunities in all of these obscure areas.

Here are a few others to consider:

The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Scholarship. Students who are talented in the feeding call, the comeback call and the mating call can earn $1,500.If you win, it might be a good idea to slack off on the mating call once you get a dorm room.

The William Zekan Memorial Scholarship. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in Arabian horses. Don't laugh. The scholarship is worth $2,500. William Zekan Memorial Scholarship is awarded by the Arabian Horse Trust. Must demonstrate an interest in Arabian horses and financial need. Applicants must be high school seniors or college freshman. $2,500.00.

The Kor Memorial Scholarship, given by the Klingon Language Institute of Flourtown, Pa. Yes, it is for "Star Trek" fans who are fluent in Klingon. The application form doesn't say anything about being able to hold your fingers apart.

The National Make it Yourself With Wool Competition. A $2,000 scholarship for students who can knit items from wool.

The Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship. Open to skillful skateboarders.

The Tall Clubs International Scholarship for women 5-foot-10 or taller and men 6-foot-2 or taller. Kae Sumner Einfeldt Scholarship, sponsored by Tall Clubs International Must be a female with a height of at least 5-foot-10, or a male with a height of at least 6-foot-2, who will attend college in the fall. $1,000.00.

The Billy Barty Foundation Scholarship for students 4-foot-10 or shorter. It's only fair, since they have scholarships for tall people.

The Michigan Llama Association Scholarship. Open to students whose parents are members of the association.

The Martin J. Greer Sr. Memorial Scholarship. To be eligible, a student must belong to a ham radio family.

The University of Akron 8-Ball Scholarship. Not only offered to talented 8-ball players but also skilled 9-ball players.

The American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship. Open to students who write an essay on fire sprinkler safety.

The Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship. Offered to descendants of Lambert and Annetje Van Valkenburg, who lived in Amsterdam in the 1600s.

The Vegetarian Resources Group Scholarship. For students who have promoted vegetarianism in their school or community.

The Milk Mustache of the Year Award. It is based on academics, athletic performance, leadership and community service. You must be willing to sport a milk mustache.

The Bunny Y. Burns Scholarship. A $1,000 award to attend the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to learn how to be a bar maid. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Lambert and Annetje Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship Must be a descendant by birth or legal adoption of a Van Valkenburg. Variations of the spelling of Van Valkenburg are permissible. $1,000.00.

Helen James Brewer Scholarship. Must be a descendant of a Confederate soldier, sailor or marine. Must be from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee or Virginia. Must study Southern history or literature at an accredited college or university. $1,000.00.

American Fire-Sprinkler Association Scholarship. You must write an essay about a successful fire sprinkler activation in your town, area or state. $3,000.00.

National Rifle Association Scholarships. Must be an NRA Junior Member. Must attend one NRA basic firearm training course, earn at least one rating (Pro-Marksman, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert or Distinguished Expert) through the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program, and submit an essay on Why I Became Involved in the Shooting Sports.$5,000.00.

Columbia 300 John Jowdy Scholarship. Must be a high school senior, graduating in the current year, who is actively involved in the sport of bowling. $500.00.

Duck Brand Duct Tape-Stuck at Prom-Scholarship Contest. Awarded to a couple attending a high school prom that makes the best costume out of Duct Tape. $3,000.00.

The K2TEO Martin J. Green Sr. Memorial Scholarship. Preference given to a student ham from a Ham (amateur radio) family. $1,000.00.

New England Chapter-National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance Scholarship Must be a single New England high school senior who is overweight, with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Must study in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont. $500.00.


To start your scholarship search, please go to www.finaid.org, www.fastweb.com, www.gocollege.com, www.supercollege.com, and complete the scholarship profile. After doing this, you will be able to receive scholarships notifications through email that will match your profile.

Click on each of these websites to determine if these scholarships are applicable to you!


Alfred and Esther Eggerling Scholarship
American Baptist College Scholarship
ASNT Engineering Undergraduate Awards
Atlas Shrugged Essay Competition
Cesar Chavez Memorial Education
Charles R. Ford Scholarship
Coca-Cola Scholars Program
College Fee Waiver Program
Columbia 300 John Jowdy Scholarship
Datatel Scholarships
Dr. Harry Britenstool Scholarship Fund
Eric Dostie Memorial College Scholarship
Guideposts Young Writers Contest
Harry and Lenora Richardson Scholarship
Herbert Lehman Scholarships
HGA Friends of Junior Golf Scholarship
Hildegard Lash Merit Scholarship
Idamae Cox Otis Scholarship
Jaycee War Memorial Fund Scholarship Program
Kathern F. Gruber Scholarship Program
Longman-Harris Scholarship
Midland Lutheran College Scholarship
Mildred Louise Brackney Scholarship
Mt. Sugarloaf Lodge Memorial Scholarship
NCOA Scholarship Fund
Newhouse Foundation Sustaining Scholarship
Northern California Chapter Student Scholarship
NPG Population Scholarship Essay Contest
OW-U Scholarship Parent Relocation Council Scholarship Program
Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship Grants
Roofing Industry Scholarships
Rosewood Family Scholarship Fund
Sam Walton Community Scholarship Program
Student Incentive Grant(SIG)
The Sallie Mae Fund
Surface Navy Association Scholarship Program
Texas Public Educational Grant (TPEG)
Thomas Wood Baldridge Scholarship
Wal-Mart Associate Scholarship
USAA Mentor Program Scholarship


Talbot Foundation Scholarship
Women must be 35 or older

American Association of University Women

Sorry guys!! Only females can apply for the two scholarships listed above!

Ron Brown Scholar Program
Zeta Phi Beta General Undergraduate Scholarships
Blacks at Microsoft (BAM)

Black/African American Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarships listed above.

This site contains scholarships for students seeking to return to college to finish an undergraduate degree program. Students must have started a college/university program, but withdrew prior to completing the program.

Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship
The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship honors excellence by supporting outstanding community college students with financial need to transfer and complete their bachelor degrees at ANY four-year colleges/university in the nation.

International Student Loan Program (ISLP)
This site contains financial information for college students seeking to study abroad. Also, there is assistance for international students seeking to study within the United States.

Deborah Partridge Wolfe International Fellowship
This site contains fellowships for students seeking a graduate degree and/or professional degree. This includes masters degree, law degree, doctorate degree, and/or Ph.d. Consequently, students seeking a graduate degree may be eligible for the same financial awards listed above for undergraduate students.

Scholarships for White Males
This scholarship is for White /European American males who are at least 25% caucasian.

ALANA is an acronym for African American, Latino/a, and Native American people. This site contains a resource guide for ALANA undergraduate students seeking internships, research opportunites, and leadership development programs during the summer. Please be advised that you have to be a current college/university student to take advantage of these resources.

Computing and Engineering Scholarships

Children Impacted by Crime Scholarship Funds